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About Our Cover Artist

Dick Giancaspro, Local Builder and Artist

Born in Chicago, I received my introduction to art in grammar school and was selected to do various projects for the school at a young age. I enjoyed completing decorative projects to represent the holidays and special events for school celebrations and events.  As my skills progressed, the projects became more involved and my work improved. Upon graduation from high school I was honored to be awarded an art scholarship to Lane Tech in Chicago. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take advantage of the scholarship, but I used my love of art and focused my interests on my future occupation. Eventually I became a successful custom home builder and applied my art background to the design of the homes my company built for clients.  I am now retired and decided to apply my artistic interests to show my view of the world and the places I've visited and lived.


Advertiser Showcase

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Colorado Dream Homes

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A family owned and operated construction company dedicated to building energy efficient Pagosa Homes, providing full service homebuilding from dirt work to decorating. Stop by their model home!

iTrip Vacation Rentals

National reach with local care, our newest advertisers provide white glove care for your vacation rental. Call today to get a better return on your investment.

Pagosa Medical Group

Local physicians own and operate this patient-focused practice. With Pagosa's first pediatrician, first ENT specialist, and first URGENT CARE, PMG is also a great place to find a primary care doctor.


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