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The Pagosa Magazine & Real Estate Guide | 2014-2015 Winter/Spring Edition

High altitude landscaping


We relocated our landscaping business to Pagosa Springs
in 2005 and quickly learned that landscaping here is …
challenging. In 2006, we obtained our Colorado mas-
ter gardener certificates, and we highly recommend the
program. Despite that credential, we have still had to learn
some lessons the hard way. Here are some of our best tips.

Planning With Your Contractor

 Plan your hardscape needs first, whether you are building the maintenance costs, and who will so the roots penetrate the native soil. The root ball should
or have an existing property. We mean proper grade and maintain it. be 2” above grade. Make a basin to hold the water, and
drainage features, water and electrical connections for check the grade to prevent runoff.
present and future, splash guards around your structures, Obtain referrals and visit the landscapes your potential
pathways, parking, planters, and edging. contractor has installed, including some that have been Never trust a lawn! They always want to be bigger than
around awhile. they should be, and they drink too much.
Plant installations without irrigation systems have a much
higher failure rate. The plants are the cherry on the sundae Call your landscaper in the winter, plan, and get on the Amend your soil, fertilize properly, use high end weed fab-
and go in after the rest of the creation is in place. Use drip schedule. We will love you forever and ever and ever. ric, and use the correct mulch. The pure bark mulches with
irrigation wherever you can, and plan to upgrade as the no intertwining component float better than styrofoam.
plants increase in size. Plants, planting & wildlife
Plant for color and interest in your landscape across all of
Be realistic about the water costs to service what you have Never trust a deer and certainly not an elk! They have gps the seasons.
or want. In general, your budget is a very important aspect tracking devices on all landscapers who do not protect their
of the” when”, “where” and “how” of your project. trees, and locations for all new installations. We would pay As a general landscape contractor, our services include:
them off if we could. Design, layout and engineering
Be careful about saying “i don’t have a weed problem” or “i Grading and drainage
tackled that weed problem”. Governments world wide want We are pretty sure that “deer resistant plants” is a mostly
to duplicate their weapon system secrets. Control your nox- fanciful idea, with a few exceptions. We are also pretty Rock and stone work, including planters, walls, fire pits,
ious weeds with the advice of a knowledgeable contractor sure that “low maintenance” needs careful discussion. chimneys and barbecues
and your county extension office, and consider it a life long
journey. Plant only those species and varieties adapted to the Full service maintenance; lawn mowing, planting, pruning,
climate zone in pagosa springs. We are zone 3 and zone fertilizing, and weed control.
When envisioning your plantings, remember that 30 peren- 4 plant restricted in pagosa country. Zone 5 plants are a
nials at $10-15 each ($300-450) does not include amend- gamble. Winterizing irrigation systems in fall, and initializing them in
ments, installation, irrigation, protection and maintenance. the spring.
Ask if a plant warranty comes with the installation. For trees, dig a ‘saucer’ type hole & make “star-cut edges”
Enjoy your season
Keep the maintained landscape close to the house and
decide on a transition to the natural landscape. Assess J.D. AND LISA

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